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MiO Stix Disposable Vapes Cuban Tobacco: A Reminiscence of the Glorious Past

The consistency, taste, and complexity in making an authentic Cuban cigar are what make it worth trying, even when it is one of the most expensive tobacco products in the world. Before I go on about how MiO Stix Cuban Tobacco disposable vape offers actual Cuban Tobacco flavor, I would like to elaborate on why Cuban Tobacco is one of the most sought-after tobacco product on the market.

Tobacco has been smoked in Cuba since centuries

Cuban Tobacco


Before even Christopher Columbus reached Cuba, the locals had been smoking the tobacco rolled in maize or palm leaves – the tobacco plant was known as “Cohiba” locally. Columbus took the tobacco to Spain and the rest is history.

In a few years, the entire world was crazy about smoking Cuban Cigars. So, what’s the difference between tobacco from Cuba and from the rest of the world? The answer lies in the way the tobacco is procured, where it is grown, the climate of the place, soil and how long the farmers wait before plucking out the top two leaves of the tobacco plant – the top two leaves that make Cuban Tobacco different than the rest of the world. Source.

It is universally known that Cuban Cigars or Cuban Tobacco is the best in the world, but what about the health implications of smoking it? A traditional cigar with Cuban Tobacco contains way too much tobacco for your own good, but you still want to enjoy its taste and flavor.

This is where the MiO Stix Cuban Tobacco disposable e-cigs come to your rescue. Now, there are numerous tobacco products in the market that mimic the taste and flavor of the Cuban Cigars, but they still are hazardous to your health because of the smoke. Heck, most Cuban Cigars on the market are not even authentic Cuban Cigars. We decided to do something about it and MiO Stix Cuban Tobacco Bar Disposable Device was created.

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The MiO Stix Cuban Tobacco disposable vape offers an authentic taste of Cuban tobacco with a hint of honey and the goodness of creamy caramel in an easy to use and disposable vape device. The MiO Stix disposable e-cigs offer 300 puffs of pure bliss without the hassles of filling e-liquids or charging the device. what else? The MiO Stix disposable device is reasonably priced so that you don’t end up burning a hole in your wallet.

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